- Usages

RealtimeBlog was the first windows mobile application to use and produce openBmap data. RealtimeBlog geo-positioned your photos (based on GPS or cellular position), generated kml files for Google Earth and shared these files with friends updating your Facebook mini-feed.

Today openBmap is the only project interrested in signal strength for which all collected data are made available(cellular files,wifi files). It can be used by any scientists, software developers, companies... anyone respecting the Creative Commons licence of the project.

Today usages are:
  1. * get your location based on the current cellular cell you are connected to: API
    GPS needs extra power to function, GSM is always on. Less precise than GPS, but enough for a lot of usages. Instant location, GPS needs time to get a fix.
  2. * get your location based on the currently seen wifi access points: API
  3. * get a map of cellular coverage.
    openBmap is the only project to provide each cellular cell coverage.
  4. * get statistics about operators signal strengths
  5. * speed up GPS first time fix by providing the location based on cellular data